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Did you know that most people that operate any online business make the wrong moves. Not in every aspect, but in some of the most important ones. Simply because they don't want to, they don’t know how, or they don't have the time. 
Freelance Marketing LLC offers everything you could ask for and more! 
We offer a variety of professional service's, products, templates, software's, and more.... 
We specialize in Website Design/Development, Search Engine Optimization, Copywriting, plus more... 
We are here to simply make your business better, by simply doing everything for you. And be available to help 24/7. We can give you that beautiful website design, with the right information to rank your website high in search engines. 
Freelance Marketing is here to make everyone happy, and make your digital world so much easier.  
And a lot more professional ;) 
We always perform our projects with the utmost quality and integrity.
Every step of the process will be handled by our team with true professionalism. 
You can count on us to make sure your project is completed with care.
We are trusted by thousands all over the world to deliver quality work on time.
The fact that our work has spread to regions all over the globe is a true indication of our quality.
On Time
Our projects are never late. They are always completed with care and delivered on time
Website Design and Development
We build a variety of website designs, ideas, and wishes.
We are very familiar with ALL kinds of websites, including but not limited to Ecommerce websites, Optin funnels, Lead generation, Blogs, we can even include a members area!
We use only the best software to build the business of your dreams, day by day night by night. We are constanty looking for ways to upgrade our digital arsenal.
We focus mostly on customer satisfaction, if you're not happy. We’re not happy. Simple as that. If you are not satisfied we will completly redesign you another website COMPLETLY FREE!
Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Optimization can be very difficult at times.
Because it can be so confusing with all the different types of targeting search engines use. Sometimes its hard to know the right keywords to say or the right settings to have these days.
We use advanced software to specifically find the right way to put your website well above the others. What we do can be complicated to many, but is well known by us.
We offer a wide variety of products. We have access to the best of the best.
Ebooks: Whether its learning about marketing, profiting, businesses, golfing, other lesiure activities, or simply anything interesting is offered.
Software: We are only partnered with the best.
We offer everything from your very own website designing/development platform. As well as softwares to get your website, computer to run like the pros. We have you covered.
We also offer alot more products.....

John Sheets

Website Designer/ Developer
Search Engine Optimization 


Policy Producer

Multi Business Owner

I am 22 years of age, i have a 3 year old stepson with my girlfriend Brianna.
I specialize in all listed above and more. With certifications from the best.
My goal is to keep the digital marketing world affordable, and available to everyone.
We are the best!

Brianna Davis

Pro copywriter/ Website 

Developer, Search Engine 

Optimization spcialist.
Team Member 1
CEO and Founder
Team Member 2
CFO and Head Of Sales
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